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Fleshing out the World

The origin and history of the world, this may not be remembered the same by the Zarth and Fay.

several other locations

  1. The Deepening, a city located at the lowest habitable region of the world. A major Zarth stronghold/citidel and center of dragon hunting operations.
  2. Brimcloud: The capital of the Few, a major Fey kingdom. It has strong ties to old Great Tree and is the main opponent of its destruction.
  3. Anglestruct: the capital of one of the major zarth empires. The center of all clockwork and mechanomancy.
  4. Blazen: A small but famous Zarth outpost. Home to the greatest smith and foundery in the world.
  5. The dragon cultist stronghold/temple: built at the root of the old Great Tree. The prison for Hugh.
  6. Cloud 8: A small Zarth trading outpost. Home to outcasts, oppertunists, and calling port for the Woe.
  7. Corral Keep: The nearest boarder citadel of Brimcloud to Propotiation. The center of their military efforts.

Here are the primary locations in the House of Hozz.

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