From House of Hozz

Blazen: A small but famous Zarth outpost. Home to the greatest smith and foundry in the world.

Nestled in the deep folds of Adamant near the Horizon, Blazen is uniquely situated to take advantage of the formative properties of the Outer Fire, as well as the rich ores exposed by the cracking of the crust. Like all Zarth settlements, Blazen is constructed of either temporary shelters hewn from stone, or mobile constructions designed to be easily transported. Frequently (every few months, or years, depending on flow), the whole outpost is re-located to a lower shelf. Piece by piece it is hung by chains from the precipitous cliffs and let down slowly the to next fold as the Adamant slides into the Horizon and the unquenchable flames of the Outer Fire.

From Blazen, individual groups of Zarth venture through the SolidClouds to the edge of the Outer fire and harness the tongues of Flame to enhance their powers of alteration.

More ideas

These forrays are often accomplished on flying machines of some sort? Take the forges and stuff with them. Open up to get all the equipment as close to the outer fire as possible? Crews of two, one to forge the stuff, and one to fly the vessel to keep it the right distance from the tongues.