Folks cottage

From House of Hozz

This is where the Hozz brothers' parents (Llieah and Durand) live.


The cottage is out in the country somewhere. Near to the mountains, in a secluded valley? No road means they don't get visitors. House under the trees means they aren't seen from the air. The rain drains into an underground river, so the valley is closed in by mountains all around. Kind of like Gondolin!

Durand grows his own food for his children and wife, though he himself does not need to eat very much.

The City nearby has been undergoing a long term drought. This is due in small part to the effects of Llieah's influence on the weather. Their farm always has enough water, and at all the right times.


Since Durand can not abide conductive metals, there is no electricity. This also means no metal kitchen stove, pots and pans, lights, etc. Everything would be wood, stone, or ceramic. Pottery candle holders, ceramic bowls over a wood fire. No canned food, no microwave, no metal fire-pokers. The house itself couldn't use nails, so perhaps it is a half-timber construction on a short foundation wall of stone.

There is a remote "mechanical shed" which holds a well, pumps, and a water tower, along with other amenities which Llieah might find useful, including a washing machine.