The House

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The general idea is nailed down, details are flexible.

This is the 'House of Hozz'

The House is in TwinWorld. It was built by Durand, but was later abandoned when he fled to earth. Re-discovered by Oswald, the House forms the nexus of the Hozz brother's explorations of TwinWorld.



The House was built by Durand when he was first married to Llieah. Ziggy and Hugh were born there, and later Zack as well. As their family expanded, Durand expanded the house too, resulting in the current rambling style. When Llieah ran away, Durand planted SkyVines all around the House, and built two towers, to allow her to be closer to the sky, hoping to coax her back. After capturing her back from Mogan, they lived a little while longer at the House, before fleeing to Earth.


When Durand fled to earth and went into hiding, Oswald was born in Earth House. His strong connection with Earth helps to rejuvenate his dormant fay abilities. The connection and adventure begins when Oswald installs a new front door.

Earth House is originally unrelated to House Prime. It is really the door and not Earth House which provides the link. The brothers may originally become seperated or confused after the installation of the door. When Oswald installs the door and connects to house prime, it has already been abandoned for decades.

Front Door

The door lead from any of the following to any of the following (including itself): inside and out side Earth house, inside and outside House Prime closet. These locations are random, except that Oswald goes where he wishes.