Desolate Mountain

From House of Hozz

Desolate Mountain is one of the few pockets of human civilization.

Desolate Mountain was founded by a small group of human slaves. In short they escaped and searched until they found an unsettled land. Desolate Mountain is the only place on Faerie where Adamant (which the Fairie hate) spires into the air (which the Zarth avoid). Thus the humans homes are safe in the mountain. They live off the land and air surrounding the mountain. As a tribute to the original founders, Desloate Mountain is filled with skyvines making it look like a patch of life on the mountain side. Word does not spread fast in Faiere, mainly due to the little communication between the different sects of farie, thus immagrants are few and far between.

As a large fragment of adamant seperated from the walls, Desolate Mountain should have long ago formed a sphere and fallen into the flow. In truth, this mountain is one and the same with the treasure mountain of Incaoolin. Its adamant coating is the the dried blood of Porutoth, which seals it against all incursions. The mountain is also maintained and protected by the ancient spells laid down by the first rulers of the dragons, who spilled Porutoths blood here after interring him beside the death husk of Incaoolin.