Charles Junior

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Its a classy restaurant on earth where all the waiters are "butlers".

Referred to as "CJs", the full name is: Sir Charles Junior Esquire IV, Fine Foods and Assorted Essentials

The menu is comprised entirely of enormous words. Not all of the items are food, some of them being designer clothing, or expensive cologne.

Ideas for the menu (combine several for each menu entry):

  • mulligatawny (spicy east-indian chicken soup)
  • vichyssoise (Cream of potato and leek soup)
  • bouillabaisse (sea-food soup)
  • acetarious (adjective, "used in salads")
  • vermicelli (thin spaghetti)
  • silva prolificacy (the product of trees, fruit)
  • comestible (edible)
  • esculent (–adjective 1. suitable for use as food; edible. –noun 2. something edible, esp. a vegetable. )
  • Brawn (boar or swing meat)
  • caryopsis (grain)
  • filbert (variety of hazelnut)
  • Abattis (Winglets, giblets of poultry)
  • Aiguillettes (Meat of fish cut into strips)
  • Dindonneau (Young fresh turkey)
  • Entremets (Desserts, or sweets)
  • Espagnole (Basic brown sauce)
  • Frangipane (a custard-like pastry creme)
  • Gnocchi (Dumplings made from potatoes)
  • Jardiniere (A fresh mix of vegetables cut into julienne)
  • Medaillons (Round pieces of meat)
  • Profiteroles (Small balls made out of choux)
  • Quenelles (dumplings made of different meats)
  • Tournedos (a small steak from the center of the tenderloin)
  • Vol-au-vent (Puff pastry in a shell in which ragout or fricassee is served)
  • Zabaglione (Dessert made of whipped eggs, sugar and wine)