Corral Keep

From House of Hozz

A Few citadel aligned with Brimcloud. It is built on a low Solid-cloud near the true center axis of TwinWorld. This puts it above Propitiation, and serves as a beachhead on the Few conflict with them.


The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

Corral Keep used to be an aquatic city in one of the often vanishing oceans. When the ocean was threatened by an incursion of Turmoil, the Few offered to enchant the city and move it to a Solid-cloud, where it would be safe. Unfortunately for the aquatic inhabitants, they didn't enchant the water. In the end, the Few got a pre-built coral city on a cloud, and the ocean creatures got eaten by the Zarth.

In-story events

Zack passes through Corral Keep on his way to attack the Heart of Water. Afterword, Hugh back-tracks and kills the city elders in revenge for the deaths of the original inhabitants.