From House of Hozz

A major Fay nation. They are trying to save the old tree, and thereby their civilization. Brimcloud is their capitol. They fight against Propitiation betimes.

Few are, despite their name, a great host of the wise Fay, their servants, thralls, and all such who are attracted to power or wealth. Keepers of many enchantments, much of the Fay magic flows through Few from the old Great Tree.

While not quite on par with the Nobles (the high-born rulers of the Great Tree) the Few are nevertheless highly connected and near the center of politics and religion in the Fayrie parts.


Despise merkin. Get along pretty well with Zarth. Society is torn between highly individualistic impulses (carried down from the founders), and a deep need for social connections.

From its vantage point high over the world, Brimcloud affords Few an excellent recognizance position. They are also a source of speculation and gossip, sound currencies in Fay circles. The Few are the people to go to if you want to know what's going on anywhere that matters. However, this reputation must be upheld, and so the Few are also fameous for their circumlocution and often excessively deceptive speech, even for the Fayrie.


Previously an unimportant and sparse grouping of Fay living atop some solidclouds. One of the solidclouds turned out to be a highly stable bow-shock zone, which basically means it's a solidcloud that doesn't go away (though it still "flows" downward). The fay took to discussing the "crazy" occupants of the solidclouds above the Great Tree, and the conclusion was always "There's a few still up there, but they will be over the horizon before you know it." Over the years, this phrase was shortened, until the persistent (and now numerous) occupants were simply called "Few".