From House of Hozz

Bradwalt's Curmudgeonly Chandlery

Known for his fantastic creations of wax and wicks, Bradwalt has finally opened his own shop, where he can be as cantankerous as he wishes. In addition to candles of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions, he also sells soaps, perfumes, and incense.


Bradwalt tries to make his shop as homey and old-fashioned as possible.

Hand carved wood (some made by Ziggy) adorns a few surfaces of the chandlery. Incense and candles burn throughout the shop. Clashing with the wood and candles, the shop is lit with florescent lights. Many of the shelves are held up with cinder blocks. Behind the counter, Bradwalt's workshop is visible, taking up a good half of the small establishment. Vats of colored waxes, bags of herbs and scented powders, and crates of unknown contents litter the space. Most of the surfaces in the workshop sport a patina of wax.


  • Just down the street from the Brother's old apartment?
  • Some other place?

Ziggy likes to hang out here and read.