The apartment

From House of Hozz

The appartment is the old abode of the brothers. It is located in a city somewhere, and has a basement where Zack summons zombies.

The Appartment is rather dim and dingy. There is little furniture, and what there is is well used or made of apple crates. The brothers share one of the bedrooms, while the other is used for their computers, books, and projects. The appartment has no back yard, but it does have a small front lawn.

Eventually, the brothers are evicted and have to find a new place to live.


  • Was the basement already a nexus for energies, specifically necromatic ones?
  • Do later owners discover the basement pit?
  • Where did Zack put all the dirt when he dug the pit?

Story Purpouse

The apartment allows the introduction of the characters in a less formal environment than the HOZZ house. It also allows us to change the tone of the comic once they move, creating a seperation of space to denote the change.