Garden of life

From House of Hozz

The Garden of Life is one of the natrual wonders of the Faierie world. This unique spectacle is comprised of an incomprehensible mass of lindora plants. it is beleived that a large herd of malida dorna crossed into an even larger migration of sphalin just before the 30 day spore pod process. When all the seeds were released they landed together and formed the beginning of the Garden of Life. Over hundreds of years Lindora plants grew in number and in size, feeing off one another along with being able to tackle lager and lager pray. as the plants grew in number and size so did its consumption of nutrients and so the Garden developed a longer and faster migration rout.

Most forests are clustered around the relative stability of the Great Tree. The Garden of life, however, roams the broken wastes between the tree and the Horizon. Ranging from island to island of vegitation and solid rock, the Lindora are able to cross all but the most tumultuous zones where Turmoil surfaces, stabilizing the churning rock with their grasping roots. For those brave and strong enough, the garden of life is a sure passage across these treacherous lands.

Today, the Garden of life stretches over 5 miles and caries with it at least 3 distict bodies of water at any given time allowing it to move across dry zones and into pastures were other lindora plants are never seen. Also it is the permanent home to over 300 different kinds of animals including beasts birds and insects, 20 of who are native only to the Garden of Life and found no were else in faierie. While lindora plans in the wild are never known to grow over 3 feet the hundreds of years of inner species evolution has grown some of the Garden's lindora over hundreds of feet, the tallest recorded lindora in the Garden was a type of sphalin that had grown to be 363 feet tall and carried a pod of water holding 20,000 gallons.

Because of the large-scale movement of vegetation, Lindora are not the only plants that make up the Garden of Life. Almost all breeds of Sky Vine are found in the Garden which in turn help to hold up ever larger Lindora. In general, the Garden of Life has developed its own eco system that is comprised of or at least comes in contact with almost all of the world's life forms.

Very little is known about what lies in the center of the Garden due to the fact that since the lindora have grown to such immense size they are capable of eating any adventurer that dares step beneath is ominous foliage. There are many creatures whose herds intersect with the migration of the Garden, which gives a new definition to survival of the fittest when the Garden claims any unsuspecting beast that my think they are safe while grazing inside the Garden. However there are relatively few kills as a large beast can feed a tremendous amount of Lindora.

Breath of Life Festivals

Just like all lindora plants, the Garden takes a 30 day rest to produce spore pods once a life cycle. The literal explosion of seeds that is caused by the pop of the spore pods rips most of the upper foliage and sends the sky vines drifting. Different lindora plants produce different colors of seed-dust and so the release of the entire Garden's spore pods at the same time produces a euphoric rush of sensory emotion. The grass bows down for miles and every cloud is swept away leaving a breathless beholder and a nebula of dancing colors lit by the outer fire's blazing adornment.

The Fay who can, come from around the world to celebrate the 30 days leading up to the breath of life. This event has come to represent a new beginning and the start of a new cycle. It is the Fay new year of sorts. Most fay, however, keep a fair distance, and watch the garden from the edges of the stable forests around the Great Tree.