A city

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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

The city where the apartment is located, as well as Ziggy's job. The University is also here, where Oswald goes to school.

The city is just recovering from a fifteen year drought. Lawns are dead, but some have been replaced, those that have not invariably have weeds sprouting from the brown prickly surface. People in the city are just now finding out all that they were missing during the past years when the drought was the worst. Everything looks so clean now that there have been a few rains. Everywhere there are shoots of new green appearing. The populace are grateful for the rain, but still aprehensive that the it will desert them, and the drought will rise like a specter once more to blanket the land in its dusty clutches.

The main industry of A City is ceramics. In ancient times, this was pottery, but as technology has advanced, so have the techniques. Many kilns, furnaces, and industrial ceramic factories line the banks of the river, drawing silt and clay from the riverbed. The drought made the materials easier than ever to reach, as the waters receeded.

The land around A City is fairly flat, as it lies on an old flood plain. A few miles away are some sheer mountains with a few scattered forests in their shade.

The city is built almost entirely of locally manufactured brick, with tile roofs and brick roads. Kind of a south-west adobe style.