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Llieah Spriglark
Race/Species UNDEFINED
Personality Introverted, a bit airheaded, gentle.
Occupation Mother
Attire Flowing dresses
Likes Sitting outside watching the birds
Dislikes Being underground
Quirks ???

Wife to Durand and mother to the Brothers HOZZ.

Stolen by The Fayrie as an infant, Llieah was raised as a servant to a triplet of Sylph. In time she caught the eye of Durand, and was married. After bearing three sons, she escapes to earth, where she had a fourth son and lives in hiding to this day.



Llieah never knew her parents. On the third day after her birth, she was captured by the Fayrie and taken to Faierie. Recieving the care of three airy spirits, Llieah grew light and agile, and the enchantments on her grew thick. Some of their powers over the air were given to her, along with the strength to make short hops of flight. As she became older, she began to serve her three Sylph masters, as was her station in the Fayrie society.

The Sylphie mostly saught after rare leaves to decorate their home, but living among the topmost branches of the enchanted forest they were unwilling to descend to stuffy stale airs of the forest floor and the tunnels beneath. As she grew older, Llieah was ever sent to these darksome regions on errands. She also occasionally went on trips to the SolidClouds, and the edges of the Outer Fire. Every time she returned un-harmed, though there were several close scrapes. In the enchanted service of the Sylph, Llieah's childhood passed in a fog of servitude, knowing neither friend nor playmate. Her place was a pile of moss beside the door, and her clothes tattered leaves.

Meeting Durand

When Llieah is full grown, her Sylph masters present her to the Fay Court. Durand sees her there and her beauty, helplessness, and confusion spur him to make a final prophecy. He reaches her and wraps her in his arms before the Fay attack him and cut off his legs for his presumption. The assault breaks not only Durand's enchantments, but Llieah's as well, and they escape together. They loose their persuers by fleeing deep into the Garden of Life.

Married Life

Durand and Llieah are married in the Garden of Life. Durand builds a house for her, and they lived there peacefully for several years. Llieah's first pregnancy results in twins, Ziggy and Hugh. A few years later she had Zack.


Soon after Zack was born, Llieah began feeling entrapped by the earth-bound house Durand had built. Longing for the free air of her childhood, Llieah took the infant Zack on many long flights further and further from home. After she failed to return one day, Durand went to find her, leaving Ziggy and Hugh in the care of a friend. What neither of them knew was that the newly escaped Mogan and Shaquell had begun their plundering in the area. Llieah is captured (along with Zack, whom she manages to hide) and taken to Mogan's ship, the Woe. There she is enscorceled to use her acquired fay talents to propel the ship. After searching high and higher, Durand tracks down Mogan, battles Shaquell, and frees Llieah from the spell, bringing her back with him.


Durand's confrontation with Mogan does not go unnoticed, and Llieah is forced to flee with Durand to Earth as Zarth bounty hunters come looking for them.


  • if Llieah is human how is she not dead yet? or is that by Durand's doing?
I'd guess that living in Faierie (or certain areas of it at least) lengthens the human lifespan?
  • Does Llieah have fey powers? I would think that she didn't. Even so she could have been captured to be fed to Shaquell.
I was thinking that she would be granted some fay powers. However, when they ran out, she would likely be consumed by the dragon. Ziggy
  • what are changlings?
Ahh, good question. A changeling[1] is (technically) the fake person the Fay leave in place when they steal the real person (usually an infant). Often this is just a block of wood enchanted to look and behave like the real person until it apparently grows sick and dies. Alternately, a changeling is the Fay's own child, exchanged for the human child. The concept of the faeries stealing people away and replacing them with changelings is the oldest tradition surrounding the faeries (in mythology). I also use the word "changeling" (for lack of a better word) to describe the humans that are stolen in this fashion. I sould probably stop doing this however, since it is foncuesing. Ziggy 14:58, 2 April 2008 (UTC)