Life dust

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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

Life dust is the magical essense of life (especially of the fay).

Nature of Life Dust

All fay condense life dust off of themselves (ie "fairy dust") while alive, and disintegrate into life dust when they die. Life dust is the magical equivelant of body heat, it leaks into the world around living creatures, and lingers for a while after death. Eventually life dust degrades into nothingness, faster or slower depending on the nature of the fay that produced it.

Some plants in Faierie release magical spores which look and function somewhat like life dust. These spores can be used in magic, but are different from life dust in that they do not impart the will of the fay.

Uses of Life Dust

Life dust allows the fay to exert controll over their surroundings. It is the primary method the fay use to work enchantment. The following categories are by no means exhaustive. Some fay can only use life dust in one of these ways, some can use many.

Exertion of Will

Life dust can also allow the fay to exert their will directly over the enchanted object or creature. This is a classic example of magic in the raw sense, the exertion of the will over nature and others.

Spillover of Fay Powers

Life dust can bind inanimate objects or other fay into the nature of the fay that produced the life dust, sometimes under certain conditions. For example:

  • Tinkerbell has the power of flight. Her fairy dust allows her to confer on others her nature (flight). She places the restriction (when working the enchantment) that the user must think happy thoughts. After a while the fairy dust "wears off" or degrades, ending the link and the enchantment.

Life dust also confers some of the strength and talents of the fay that produced it, regardless of their will. This is especially important after death (see below).

Arbitrary Conditions

Life dust can also be used to link two objects, creatures, actions, or causes arbitrarily through the fay's will. Arbitrary causes and unknown effects are stock and trade of old fairy tales. In addition to the tinkerbell example, see below:

  • The Fairy Godmother creates an illusion of splendor over Cinderalla, but links the enchantment to the striking of the clock at midnight. This arbitrary cause nevertheless defines the enchantment.

Reverse Exertion of Will

Life dust can be used to work magic on a fay, even if the fay is remote or protected by other spells. This is the equivelant of a focus (such as a lock of hair) or a homing beacon. For this reason, gathering another fay's life dust is a sinister action, unless there is a strong bond of trust.

Chaining effects

When life dust is used to share powers with, or enchant another fay, they two fay become linked. In this way, fay can gain powers not intrinsically belonging to them, and can exert their enchantments over large areas which are only dusted with the life dust of their subordinates. Dominance in this chaining relationship is very fluid, so there is always competition in large groups of fay (Where everyone shares their life dust with everyone else) to exert their will over the assembly. It is always difficult to tell who is really in control of the relationship.

Life Dust, Death, and Re-birth

When a fay dies, it releases the remains of its magical strength, tallents, and personality in the form of life dust. This life dust can be used to gain some of the abilities, personality, and even form of the fay or work enchantments in line with their natural allignment or tallents. It also can be used to gain controll over (and thereby maintain) the enchantments that fay had in place when she died. There are many tiny proto-fay all over the place, waiting for a fay to die so that they can absorb their life dust and take their place. As a result, it is difficult to tell when a fay has died, because they are often replaced by a near replicate with many of the same powers, personality, and appearance. This also means that the most powerful fay (who constantly release large amounts of life dust) are surrounded by small swarms of tiny copies of themselves, who are bound to their will.