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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!
Race/Species UNDEFINED
Personality Introverted, philosophical. Can be alternately pedantic or impulsive. Philanthropic, really likes to help other people out.
Occupation architect and general contractor
Attire red t-shirt, brown cargo pants
Likes Reading, Watercolor painting, wood carving, discussing things.
Dislikes Large groups of people. Icky things in murky water.
Quirks Tosses stuff spinning into the air and then tries to catch them, doesn't always succeed.

The 'Z' in Hozz. Hugh's twin, and foil in many ways. He pays most of the rent and watches out for his brothers.

Fay Traits

Exhibits a magical facility for creation and order, especially plants. Ziggy has the opposite affinities as Hugh. Can sense life, which can be overwhelming in places like Enchanted Forest.

The Magic Mark

Ziggy has the mark of the "Half Nest", which compliments Hugh's "Half Phoenix". It is aligned with collaboration and creation. While repairing Hugh's mark, [Durand]] inscribed a completion mark in the nest. It marks Ziggy as a nurturer of good, or life. This gives his fay abilities a strong creative bent.

The Half Nest Nurturer of Life

The incomplete circle, however, allows for further alterations in the mark. Perhaps a future plot arc could deal with this possibility, and close the circle.


  • The circle could be closed at some point binding him to the Great Tree. This would bind his life to the Great Tree, and when the tree is destroyed, he would die as well.
  • The create-destroy duality and good-evil duality of the Hugh-Ziggy marks is a bit too balanced. How can we shake it up?

Other Traits

Loves to eat marshmellows, and marshmellow shaped fungus.