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The general idea is nailed down, details are flexible.
Race/Species UNDEFINED
Personality Tends to become obsessed. Enjoys being goofy or really serious. Sometimes enjoys being really serious about being goofy.
Occupation UNDEFINED
Attire See Evil Hunting Gear below
Likes Jogging, sword fighting, archery, computer games, reading upside down.
Dislikes Deodorant, waking up early, carrying stuff.
Quirks Wears goggles when killing evil.

The 'h' in Hozz, and Ziggy's twin.

Fay Traits

Has an affinity for destruction magic. Can sense death, decay, and the undead.


Hugh's evil hunting has a history. Hugh's Awakening

The Curse/Blessing

An evil faerie invokes the mark of the destroyer on Hugh, exploiting his trait of the half phoenix. Destruction is symbolized by two opposing triangles. To counter this Durand inscribes a pentagram bound within the circle, thereby changing the spell. The resulting mark brands Hugh as the destroyer of Evil.

Mark of the destroyer that enables someone to destroy something specific. A "destroyer" is sort of like a natural disaster, he destroys everything of a certain kind of thing. Durand narrows it down, but is unable to totally erase the mark. Hugh destroys evil.

Possibilities for the spell mark. The Half Phoenix The Destroyer Destroyer of Evil

Hugh's Power Level

His powers are a result of a curse from a powerful faerie and Durand's intervention. He has supernatural strength and swiftness, which grow in proportion to the strength and proximity of an evil which threatens him. Initially he measures the presence of evil with a precision stop watch. The faster he can start and stop the watch the closer evil is. Later he learns to sense the presence of evil intuitively by sensing the change in his own body.

Hugh was also borne with the mark known as "half phoenix", a mark of dissolution and destruction. This grants him the power in Twinworld to reduce material to its elemental composites. Ziggy (his twin) has the other half, the "Half Nest". Perhaps his and his brother's power are linked in such a way that he can only destroy if Ziggy creates and vice versa.

Other traits

Evil Hunting gear

  • Broad brimmed black leather hat
  • Goggles
  • Trenchcoat
  • a bastard sword which is grooved in such as way as to hold poison, he pours sacramental wine in his scabbard. it is legit.