From House of Hozz

Durand and Llieah flee Faierie and Zarth with their three young sons.

Soon after the birth of the third, word gets back to the Nobles that the prophecy is close to being fulfilled. They hire the Zarth to kill Durand and Llieah. Durand wakes one morning to find the rune for "fly for your life" seared into the pillow beneath his head. He and Llieah work a potent spell to open a doorway to Llieah's home, and they step through just as the Zarth approach the house.

The Escape

Soon after the birth of his third son, Durand has to rescue his wife Llieah from Mogan. The battle draws the attention of the Nobles, who know of the prophecy. Since they will loose their position if it is fulfilled, they hire Zarth mercenaries (Mogan among them) to kill Durand, Llieah, and their children.

Durand knows nothing of this until he wakes one morning to find the rune for "fly for your life" seared into the pillow beneath his head. This is the first supernatural message he has seen since the Last Prophecy. Not knowing what he is flying from, or how far, Durand decides to go as far as possible. Drawing on the faint link that Llieah still has to earth, Durand and Llieah begin weaving a linking conduit which will take them out of the world.

The progress is slow. Their few neighbors report a band of Zarth setting up camp on the borders of the Garden of Life. Thinking that they might know something about the strange "fly for your life" rune, or perhaps be running from some catastrophe, Durand goes out to meet them. He is attacked on sight, and just barely manages to loose them as he makes his way back to the house. Pressed now by both the vague threat of the rune, and the very concrete threat of the Zarth mercenaries, Durand and Llieah quickly cobble together what they can of the linking spell and step through.

They find themselves on Earth, in a house not too unlike the one they left. Durand finds that the hastily made spell will not close all the way behind them, and fearing persuit by the Zarth they abandon the house and reach a small town nearby. Both find the metalic technology jarring, and they retreat once more into the countryside. Alone with their three small children, Durand and Llieah start their life once again. Durand farms the land, and Llieah bends the weather to good result. Together they grow food, form wood, and make a good life for themselves, an odd rumor on the edge of the small town that they rarely visit.