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Race/Species Immortal
Personality UNDEFINED
Occupation UNDEFINED

The HOZZ brother's father. Durand is an abnormally manly character for the world of Faerie, where he was created as the Oracle. He fled to earth to escape the Nobles of the Great Tree.



  • Durand is neither a Fay nor a Zarth, but rather an Immortal fashioned out of Solidcloud to be a creature of truth.


  • He is cool! We need to like and respect this guy!
  • He's reserved about his past
  • He's hardcore, at least when necessary.


He used to live in TwinWorld. At some point he Escapes to Earth.

  • He married a human changeling.
  • He had some kids (not necessarily only the brothers)

What we've thought about

  • He built house prime (the one in TwinWorld)
  • He built earth house
  • He is really old

Durand is one of the immortals. He has fathered a very few Fay, all female. These are the brother's half sisters and are revealed later in the plot. --Hugh 01:14, 21 February 2009 (UTC)


Copied from the main plot arc page.

Long ago Tanodia communed with the world. He wrote a rune of truth upon the solidcloud, and the solidcloud took on the form of the Oracle. He wandered long over the surface, branded with the runes of the Maker. When he sat still, or stood, he watched the world, and ate and drank and laughed. But when he walked runes of prophecy would sprang up in his footsteps, portending far off events, subtle truths, and terrible secrets. In time, he learned speech, but is silent as he walks.

For many years the Oracle wandered far, but many read his footsteps aslant, and twisted the prophecies to their own ends. As he saw the dire ill which came from these lies he took to resting for long periods. When he walked, he would walk backwards, reading his own steps and coming to rest again to explain the prophecies to those who would listen. Sadly, even the Oracle had no special power to divine the meaning of his steps. His interpretations were better than most, but far too often led others astray. The meaning of the prophetic runes remained clear only in hindsight.

As the ages wore on, the Oracle's steps foretold the fall of each Great Tree as it sprung up. But as the most recent matured, the Nobles of the Tree decided that this would be the last, the final Great Tree, a refuge to endure for all time. They forbade the Oracle to walk, preventing him from issuing any new prophecies. Their servants carried him on a litter, and his every desire was met. Yet he grew ill at ease, and saw that the Great Tree could not endure forever. He too grew wary of his own death, and resolved to sire children before he passed over the Horizon, as is the fate of all living things. One day, while sitting on his litter in the Fay Court, Llieah's three caretakers brought her to present to the Fay Queen. Smitten by her beauty, Durand forgot his prohibition and ran across the court to catch Llieah in his arms. His steps spelled out the Last Prophecy for all the Fay Court to see, graven in runes into the Great Tree itself. The Nobles are furious at his betrayal, and cut off his legs, breaking the enchantments which hold both Durand and Llieah. Llieah flies with durand far from the Great Tree, and make their home among the deadly Garden of Life where they live together for many years, during which Llieah bears three sons. Soon after the birth of the third, word gets back to the Nobles that the prophecy is close to being fulfilled. They hire the Zarth to kill Durand and Llieah. Durand wakes one morning to find the rune for "fly for your life" seared into the pillow beneath his head. He and Llieah work a potent spell to open a doorway to Llieah's home, and they step through just as the Zarth approach the house. (see Escape)

Finding themselves on Earth, alone with their three small children, Durand and Llieah start their life once again, settling on the outskirts of a city. Llieah bears one more son. Durand is disturbed to find that the doorway never quite closed behind them, and fearful of what may befall his sons. Yet they live in relative peace for many years.

When his boys are full grown, they go rock climbing with their father. Even though he lacks legs, his arms are strong. However, when he reaches the top of the cliff, the HOZZ brothers are astounded to find strange runes engraved in the cliff face where their father had passed. They ask him what they mean, but he refuses to speculate, though these runes tell the four brothers to return to TwinWorld and fulfill their father's legacy. Years pass, and Durand sees his boys grow listless and lacking in direction. Finally Durand sees that he must either doom his children to a pointless existence, or direct them on the path that will lead to a meaningful life. Resigned to fate, Durand directs the boys subtly to the house where they first entered Earth, and where the magic of the doorway still resides.

After his boys leave, he grieves with Llieah for a while, before asking her to return with him to see what has befallen. They arrive to see the Great Tree falling in the distance, fulfilling the Last Prophecy. Durand and Llieah live in the House of HOZZ until Llieah dies of old age. Then Durand too gives up his life and adds his Fay Dust to the power of the Garden of Life. The roots and stems and leaves of the garden take on the power of the oracle, and for an age those who brave its depths may find runes there which tell of marvelous things.