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Shaquell (pronounced shaa-kel-ul) is the dragon that made a pact with Mogan and escaped to Faierie to begin his rampages.

At one point, Shaquell and Durand fight over Llieah.

Perhaps a fay prophecies that Durand's seed will destroy Shaquell. Durand and Llieah flee from the dragon's wrath to earth.--Hugh 01:11, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

I think at this point that Shaquell and The Dragon should be in conflict as well. Perhaps The hozz brothers mess with the dragon's stuff. He kills Shaquell, thinking that it was him instead of them.

Here's the thought

Okay, here's the thought. Dragons are the symbol for evil, and Satan. Mogan is the symbol of false manhood, manhood that embraces self, and evil. So, what if Mogan rides a dragon, is an arm of a dragon.

Dragons come up from below the world, from the source of the air. They are usually fought and killed by the Zarth, who protect the air of the upper world (and, by proxy, the Fay) from their machinations. This plays well into the metaphor with "men defend women" imagery.

However, when faced with a huge dragon found lurking in the subterranian vaults, Mogan had a "great idea"! Make a pact with the dragon! Mogan agrees to serve the dragon (the dragon posesses Mogan in analogy) and in return Mogan is taken with it to the upper airs, where he is free to run riot. This would probably not be an isolated incedent. Many bands of rouge Zarth

This solves the issue of "how does Mogan get around" as well as giving singificant moral weight to the story.