New front door

From House of Hozz

This is the story of how Oswald breaks the front door, installs a new one, and accidentally re-joins earth and Faierie, and the ensuing confusion.

Random plot ideas

I think it would be sweet if, when the brothers move into their new appartment after being evicted that not everyone has seen it, so there is some confusion as to what the inside of the house looks like, since some of them end up in the House instead. For example:

Ziggy scopes out the place, decideds it's a good deal, and rents it. The front door has been brutally damaged by the former tennants. Ziggy offers to replace the door for credit on the rent. Ziggy lets the other brothers know about their new place, but none of them have seen it yet. Zack is staying with a friend, and Hugh is off hunting evil or something (perhaps a vampire?) so only Oswald actually shows up the first afternoon. Ziggy is called off on some business, and asks Oswald to install the front door before he goes to bed.

Late at night, Zack decides to drop buy with his buddies. They come in, but end up in the faierie side instead. Impressed, they hang out for a while, but leave when they find out there are no televisions or computers (Zack figures that Ziggy and Oswald haven't moved them in yet). Ziggy gets back later that night and spends the night in a sleeping bag in the earth house, where Oswald is curled up on the dilapadated couch. In the morning Ziggy goes to work and Oswald heads off to school. Hugh gets back around noon, enters the earth house, eats some peanut-butter straight out of the jar, and takes a nap. Zack gets back in the afternoon for a change of clothes (hoping to use Oswalds) but ends up in the Faierie side again, but can't find anyone (even though he sees Hugh's car, or motorcycle, or whatever) or any food. Around this time Hugh wakes up, goes to leave, and walks out into Faierie. Zack looks out the window, sees hugh (along with a landscape he doesn't recognize!) and goes out the front door to meet him, but ends up back on earth.

This could go on and on like this, perhaps even until new-years. Ziggy 23:25, 15 April 2008 (UTC)