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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

The brothers are evicted from their small apartment because of Zack's pit of fire in the basement.

Happens at the apartment, in a city.

Zack raises some zombies in the basement. Some deflected necromatic energy also animates the lunch meats, eggs, and Oswald's half-eaten salmon in the refrigerator.

some ideas

Hugh and Oswald barricade the fridge with furniture and runes and fortify the kitchen with a pillow fort, while Zack marches his zombies out behind their back.

I think this story is where we came up with the idea of hamburger zombies, barbecued zombies, and barbecue sauce blood. If I remember correctly, when Zack brings his zombies back to the apartment, Oswald is so hungry that he eats all of Zacks hamburger zombies, ending the rampage.


Going Out
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Morning
Who Zack, Ziggy, Hugh
Summary Zack is going to get food. He asks if anyone wants to come with him, and Hugh volunteers.
Gathering Supplies
Where the supermarket
When 5/20/2007 Noon
Who Zack, Hugh
Summary Zack and Hugh go to the supermarket to get some food. Zack is also shopping for supplies to make zombies. Insert joke about HP potion, zombie juice, etc.
Zombie Creation
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Afternoon
Who zack, zombie
Summary Deep in the basement of the apartment, Zack creates some zombies over his fire pit. It is actually more like a barbecue, since his zombies are made from meat from the supermarket. Hamburger zombies!
Gone Bad
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Afternoon
Who Oswald, Hugh
Summary Oswald goes to the refrigerator. He is expecting to find some food since Hugh and Zack just got back from the supermarket. "ZOMBIES!" Hugh dives in from the side of the frame at the end. "AUGH! Where?"
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Afternoon
Who Hugh, Oswald
Summary Hugh and Oswald fortify the kitchen around the refrigerator. Strange rumblings sound from within. While they are thus occupied Zack marches his army up from the basement and out the front door.
The Fight
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Afternoon
Who Hugh, Oswald
Summary Hugh and Oswald fight off the various animated foodstuffs animated by ambient necromantic energy. Oswald expresses his hunger.
Where the apartment
When 5/20/2007 Evening
Who Hugh, Oswald, Ziggy
Summary Hugh and Oswald cook and eat the re-killed meats, as Ziggy walks in to see a bloody and messy apartment. this should be just one frame.
Where outside the apartment
When 5/21/2007 Morning
Who Ziggy, Larry Landlord
Summary Ziggy describes his perception of the events to the landlord. Ziggy:"It was a food fight" Larry:"how does that account for the pit of fire in the basement?" Ziggy:"So... We should start packing then?" Larry:"Thanks"

Early ideas (defunct?)

  • Zack is creating the army to take over the local arcade.
  • Have the siege last several days, and Ziggy gives Zack money to buy more food, which Zack instead uses to buy more zombie supplies.
  • Zack dominates the lunchmeat zombies in the fridge, and Hugh blasts them with a gun of some kind.