From House of Hozz

The general idea is nailed down, details are flexible.
Race/Species UNDEFINED
Personality relaxed
Occupation College student
Likes computer games, dancing, food in general, spazing out, and doing stuff with his brothers.
Dislikes Getting out of bed, people being treated unfairly

The 'o' in Hozz. Youngest of the four brothers, Oswald has a certain playful eldritch air about him.

Fay Traits

Breaker of the fourth wall

Warps space and language

Because Oswald was born on Earth his powers have been active since birth. Oswald bends space, chance, and reality in general. This has two main effects. First and most obvious, Oswald can do things without much explanation, like looting dragons from World of Warcraft into real life or installing magical portals. Although Oswald finds nothing strange about his own actions, he CAN never do it intentionally. Second, what people want happens with more frequency when Oswald is around: Hugh finds a clue, Zack bumps into his friend, Ziggy finds a dollar, or everyone looks out the window so the evil ninja can escape. Although the effects should be very subtle. Oswald effects people close in either distance or time. so if we could graph distance and time on a flat plane, then Oswald would effect people in a circle. even people who are about to but have not yet met him are effected.

Oswald's fay nature and powers are never directly revealed to the audience.


At some point Oswald obtains a pair of sunglasses (possibly from a video game) which make him an excellent shot. These glasses do not help anyone else.

Story Hooks

Oswald installs the front door into the Brothers apartment which inadvertently links them to the House of HOZZ.

Random stuff

It would be cool if Oswald can detect stuff. "Explosive device detected!" or "Can-opener device detected!" or even "Food device detected!"