Hugh Hunts a Vampire

From House of Hozz

The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

The example of a basic storyline that Luke and Paul discussed. This is probably a good place to start off

General Idea

  • Where does this storyline occur? Perhaps in the city?
  • Should vampires be a recurring theme? Is this The Last Vampire?

The story opens with Hugh stalking a vampire. During the course of the story he hunts it down and stakes it.

The vampire should have traditional powers and vulnerabilities e.g. Dracula. Are vampires a kind of Fay?


we could have Hugh read a paper that has the goofy headline. "Collusion, infusion/refusion abusion". it could be the vampire is stealing blood from the hospital from IVs and dialysis machines. and thats how he gets started on his quest.


example conversaion

I'm thinking ending conversation being:

Hugh: Revelation 16:6: You have given them blood to drink because they have poured out the blood of God's people and prophets. This is what they deserve

Vampire: I'll drink you dry slayer!

Hugh: *drawing sword* "Luke 22:20 This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood."

Vampire: *in horror* The Sacrement...

More ideas

  • The final confrontation could occur on the roof of the hospital, on either side of the Helipad on top. The presence of the Holy Sacrement denies the vampire his powers of flight, so he grabs on to the bottom of a departing rescue helicopter. As it takes off, Hugh leaps up and stabs through the vampire and into the interior of the helicopter. He twists his sword so that the serrations at the base catch in the sheet metal. The last shot of the battle could be Hugh, hanging from the bottom of the chopper by his sword while the vampire dust drifts down, glittering in the landing pad spotlights.
  • Stabs vampire through open mouth with the wine running down the blade.
  • According to Dracula myth vamps return to natural death state once truly killed. Only truly ancient vampires turn to dust, new vamps simply turn to corpses.
  • Song playing on ipod: AC/DC's "If You Want Blood" or Nightwish's "Slaying the Dreamer."