Dragon lootz

From House of Hozz

The general idea is nailed down, details are flexible.

Oswald loots a dragon that he kills in WOW. He gets a giant glowing battle axe. Or maybe some boots. Or a hat of some kind.

Idea 1

Dragon Lootz 1
Where the apartment
When unknown
Who Oswald, Ziggy
Summary Oswald and Ziggy are sitting back to back playing on the computer.

Panel 1: Ziggy: "Go ahead and take the axe. I can't use it." Panel 2: Oswald: Reaches into his computer screen and takes out the axe. It is huge. "I could wield it, but I'm not sure what I'd use it for." Ziggy: "For what you'd use it. Don't end with a preposition." Panel 3: Oswald: "I'll end you with a preposition!" Oswald cleaves Ziggy's monitor it two. Ziggy is startled. Panel 4" Ziggy: Turning around and looking at Oswald, "Through?" Oswald: reading from a thesaurus, "'Amidst, Betwixt, Medially', take your pick."

Idea Two

Dragon Lootz 2
Where the apartment
When unknown
Who Oswald
Summary Oswald is sitting in background of another comic

Panel 1: Oswald blank faced, sitting at the computer Panel 2: Hands upraised, clearly celebrating Panel 3: Holding up pair of silly glowing cloth boots with a quizzical look on his face. Another later comic: Brothers suit up to fight some threat. Oswald can be seen wearing same boots.

Idea the III

Dragon Lootz 3
Where the apartment
When unkown
Who Oswald, Ziggy, Zack
Summary Zack and Ziggy are watching Oswald cut vegetables with a giant axe in the kitchen.

Panel 1: Zack to Ziggy in a low whisper "Dude, where did he get that?". Ziggy to Zack in likeness "I don't know. He said it dropped in Dragon Spire." Panel 2: They continue to watch. Zack is confused. Ziggy is flat. Panel 3: Zack, pointing off screen, "Like from th...". Ziggy cuts him off "yea"