Hugh's Awakening

From House of Hozz

Hugh didn't always hunt evil or have superpowers. There's a backstory which may be revealed in a single plot arc or hinted at in pieces.


At birth an even Fay embued Hugh with the Destroyer's mark. This would not only grant him supernatural power but drive him mad if he did not sate the mark's demand for destruction. The mark was built off of Hugh's birthmark, the half-phoenix. Consequently his power and madness would be linked to Twinworld's halfmoon cycle.

To counter this curse Durand secretly builds upon the marks by inscribing the pentagram which is the symbol for supernatural evil. This changes the spellmark to signify Hugh as the destroyers of evil. His power and madness are inseparable linked to evil and drive him to destroy it whenever possible.


The spellmark fades after birth and remains dormant. Durand warns the young Hugh about his power. As a child in Faerie Hugh is visited three times by demons seeking to invoke the Destroyer mark. Their presence causes him pain and gives him nightmares. In these dreams they tempt him in an effort to activate the mark. He resists but at great mental anguish. He eventually learns to block out the demonic voices.


Hugh escapes torment when he comes to earth and for a long time forgets about the demons and his father's warning about his power. As a teen he is aimless and discontent, angered at the wrong in the world. Although wary of the cost, he begins to understand the potential of the spellmark.


One night Hugh is wakened at 3:00 am by a searing pain in his back. He examines himself to find the mark has reappeared. Remembering his father's warnings and the demons he runs from the house carrying his sword. The moon is full. He finds a lonely place and meditates sword planted beside him. A demon approaches him wanting to activate the mark. This time Hugh accepts. The demon touches his back. The mark burns red hot and glows through his shirt. The demon realizes what Durand had wrote. Hugh turns to face the demon. They are at an impasse since demons are immaterial on earth. They demons mocks Hugh saying that he is a "niphilim." while this is a lie it hints at Durand's nature as an immortal. Hugh curses the demon. They swear to destroy one another. The demon vanishes. Two werewolves attack. Hugh defeats them (alive/dead ambiguous since werewolves regenerate)and returns home.