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We're probably going to leave these guys pretty ambiguous. If we're going to involve many immortals in this story, each one is probably going to be treated as an individual.


"Strong" immortals can not be killed (spirits). "Weak" immortals can be killed, but do not die of old age (Tolkien elves).

Known Immortals

The Toruhl and Fala are both immortal races, created near the beginning of time. Although they can die, they do not age (weak immortals).


  • Do they originate strictly from Twinworld?
    • We could go a lot of different ways with the source(s) of Immortals, but even for our own sake it's probably best that we don't. My gut says to leave the short answer at "who knows?" --Toad 06:10, 19 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Immortals should have access to most/all magic, in power varying by what we want to do with them, but (probably?) always greater than mortal power. They might not always use it... but they should have it. Creation magic could be an exception.


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