Heir Colonel Detlef

From House of Hozz

The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!
Heir Colonel Detlef
Race/Species Human
Personality no nonsense, hard nosed
Occupation professor of advanced sciences
Attire traditional german military attire? Needs a few little medals on his shirt.
Likes riding crop, explosions, fluid dynamics, discipline!!

teaches all of the math, science, and hands-on classes at Zack and Oswald's college. Brocc is in some of his classes as well.

quick story ideas

  • 60 min time limit inforced by tear gas
  • All X's are swastikas, doc'ed points on homework
  • When he gets excited he writes anamatedly in german and usualy is brought to tears, and his knees.
  • Some times forces students to teach the class
  • Fluid dynamics valcano examples
  • Turns late homework into balistic physics problems
  • Calls roll at attention?
  • Homework is inspected with a white glove
  • Sometimes writes with falmable ink on the whiteboard, just so he can erase quickly and burn stuff at the same time.
  • Carries a cane/riding crop, tucked under his left arm. He brings it out to point to things on the board, threaten students, slam his desk in emphasis, or chop late homework in half as its being handed in.
  • New students are impressed and frightened. Returning students look bored as usual.

Ideas for portrayal

I think it would be good to build up to Detlef's appearance. First we could hear about him from Oswald, but this could just be him being strange. Then we hear from Zack as well. They commiserate about the difficulties in satisfying Detlef's exacting standards. Later we could have a shot where the students are filing out of the class room, some wide eyed, referring to his latest exploit. Finally, we see the man himself, just as crazy and intense as we have heard, and perhaps a bit more. As an epilogue, perhaps Ziggy could seek him out at some point for help sorting through a particularly difficult issue.