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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!
Mogan Borzarth
Race/Species UNDEFINED
Personality mildly sadistic, bold, smiles a lot and enjoys life
Occupation sky pirate!
Attire ???
Likes a good spell gun
Dislikes alcohol
Quirks ???

Mogan Borzarth, also known as "Bloody Borzarth" is a pirate. Mogan captains The Woe on its mission of loot and plunder.


Mogan is a rouge Merkin. He has been alienated from his because of his refusal to conform to their strict courtship rituals and theft of Mermaids. Forced to flee for his life, Mogan has taken up a life of pillaging, kidnapping, and coercion.


After loosing a grappling match in the semi finals to compete for a prestigious set of mermaids. Mogan kidnaps several of the maids for himself and sets off in his now dreaded ship The Woe.


Mogan was hired to kill Durand by a group of Fey. When he was preparing Paroxis and the rest of his forces to assault Durand's Hermitage, Durand comes out unexpectedly to greet them. His band try's to contain the potent Durand until Mogan can prepare his terrifying destruct-o-matic. Durand manages to escape just in time Mogan releases a bolt of fire on his illusions.


He probably dies by the hand of the hozz brothers.


picutre 1: a happy group of fey dancing and frolicking in small magical scene.

picture 2: the previous scene is contained in a jar

picture 3: there are many of these jar all captured in a bandaleer across a scally chest

picture 4: Mogan, under-lit by the glowing fey bottles, grins evilly has he punches of the canisters into his Wonderbuss.