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Threes of the main plot arc

The main plot arc involves three important qualities

  1. The Dragon (Shaquell?) is playing both sides of pretty much everything
  2. The Oracle (Durand?) is always right, but no one wants to believe him.
  3. The Hozz Brothers spend most of their time working against their ultimate goals, through incompetence, misinformation, or laziness.

The main plot has three movements

  1. The Dragon amasses treasure under the World Tree, and gets most of the world to think that dragons don't exist, while the rest of the world is terrified of dragons, and tries to kill all the other ones.
  2. The Oracle is established as accurate and reliable, and then prophesies that his offspring will fell/destroy the World Tree. He is forced to flee as many decide to try and kill him and his family before this prophesy can come true.
  3. The Hozz brothers fulfill the prophesy, but only after misinterpreting it and failing several times.

The main plot arc involves several locations

  1. The World Tree, shifting off to the side of the world, home to the old guard of Fay and the Dragon's horde.
  2. The Dragon's lair
  3. The Deepening, a city located at the lowest habitable region of the world. A major Zarth stronghold/citidel and center of dragon hunting operations.
  4. Brimcloud: The capital of a major Fey kingdom. Kingdom has strong ties to old worldtree and is the main opponent of its destruction.
  5. Propitiation: A kingdom founded by eclectic mix of refugee Fey and zarth explorers. The land was given as a peace offering to the settlers by the tribal fey who live in the surrounding area in atonement for an accidental war. Propitiation is incidentally constructed atop the new world tree.
  6. Anglestruct: the capital of one of the major zarth empires. The center of all clockwork and mechanomancy.
  7. Blazen: A small but famous Zarth outpost. Home to the greatest smith and foundery in the world.
  8. The dragon cultist stronghold/temple: built at the root of the old world tree. The prison for Hugh.
  9. The House of Hozz: built within the living forest.
  10. Cloud 8: A small Zarth trading outpost. Home to outcasts, oppertunists, and calling port for the Woe.
  11. CoralKeep: The nearest boarder citadel of Brimcloud to Propotiation. The center of their military efforts.

Fleshing out the characters

The Dragon

The Dragon wants treasure. Over the ages, he has accumulated a huge horde in the roots of the World Tree. In order to enjoy his treasure in peace, he must make sure he is not discovered, and especially not hunted. To this end he kills all of the other dragons that he can find, and has convinced most of the world that dragons do not exist. He encourages a small (but corrupt) group of Fay to hunt any dragons that come up from the deeps, and has connections with the several dragon cults that spring up to worship dragons. The dragon cults seek out and protect any dragons that make it out of the depths, and then send them to the Dragon, presumably to "rule at his side". With these factions fighting each other, and neither aware of his location, he remains safe from the vast majority of creatures. He has heard of the last prophesy, but figures that even if the world tree falls, the roots will remain. He does not believe that humans exist.

The Oracle

The oracle wants people to believe the truth. Unfortunately, he isn't sure what that is most of the time. His predictions come un-bidden, and even he doesn't know what they portend. When he make predictions, many take them the wrong way, or re-interperet and twist them to mean what they want. After the Last Prophesy, most people think that the attention went to his head. Some claim that he was manipulating events to go the way he predicted. Others claim he is in fact the dragon, sowing seeds of delusion. Some still believe his veracity, but since he disappeared (to earth) the hopes that his last prophesy will come true are slim. He lives on earth, with his wife and children, and still makes prophecies occasionally. They always come true.

The Hozz brothers

They are naif and quick to act. Near the time they leave for Twin World, they each recieve prophecies concerning how to do what is right. Each one of them chooses to read into and translate the words into what makes sense to them at the time. This happens thruought the story. The plain meaning is just too unbelievable! Through this convenient application of analysis, they end up on the wrong side of almost every conflict, and spend most of their time mucking things up. At the end, and almost by accident, they fulfill their roles, and the prophecy.

Key points

The great defeat

At the sub-climax, everyone fails. Hugh fails to defeat the dragon (tries by himself, wrong approach). Ziggy fails to save the World Tree (tries at the wrong time, wrong world tree). Zack and Oswald fail to defeat the army of the "false center" (fighting on the wrong side, in the wrong battle). Hugh ends up imprisoned by the Dragon on the far side of the world, Ziggy is shamed in front of the elders of the World Tree, and Zack and Oswald find themselves left for dead on the battle field.

The Turning Point

After their defeat, the Brothers find out that their father, Durand, is actually the Oracle. They begin to re-think his prophecies, especially in light of his "Last Prophecy". They start trying to fulfil the plain meaning of the prophecies they have recieved, but initially this results in catastrophy as they begin to undo their former work. The old world tree is felled when Hugh destroys his prison, and Ziggy grows the new world tree. In the process, much of Zarth is ruined (by the roots of the Old World Tree tearing out, and the new roots sinking in). The dragon's is also exposed, so he decides to go to plan two, kill everything. Oswald must gain the trust of the Zarth and the New Centerieans in order to forge a dragon slaying weapon, but he mostly alienates their former allies. Zack finally embraces his Golem creating powers as a tool of good, but looses control of his army, causing widespread terror. Things are moving in the right direction, but looking worse than ever.