Spell guns

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A Spell Gun is a projectile weapon powered by a functional hybrid of fay and zarth magic. It focuses and amplifies certain kinds of Zarth Wielding, firing blasts of ice, air, fire, etc. However, it is powered by fay dust, somewhat like a black powder pistol. The kind of enchantment on the gun, the fay dust used to power it, and the user's magic all factor into the substance of the projectile.

Spell guns are uncommon, since zarth and a fay must work closely together both to make, maintain, and use them. In current story time they are mostly the purview of Mogan


The Woe's Cannons

So yeah, you get the idea. Sweet.--Hugh 00:20, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

The Wonderbuss

Is probably also a spell gun. This may be a good story hook to tie in with Mogan at some point.