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Zack acquires necromantic powers. Initially uses them for fun, then for mischief, then for personal gain, then for power, then in twisted and evil ways. The Litch Zack is eventually killed by Hugh.


Zack acquires necromantic powers from some "zombie queen" while learning how to drive. She was sent into the world for this very purpose by the Dragon, in order to destroy Hugh.


Starts experimenting with reanimation. Side affects include animated sandwich meats, roadkill, and eventually using animal corpses.


The downward trends starts simply when Zack's college student budget cannot afford the reagents necessary to continue his experiments. Violation of laws for personal amusement (pranks and thrill seeking), theft of meats, theft of components. Eventually Zacks intentions turn to power. The unnatural elongation of his own life as well as control and manipulation of society. Zack begins doing research on how to turn himself into a litch as well as expanding his army if ever a need would arise.


The first true act of evil come when Zack tests his small army in a zombie attack. Basically he sets them in motion to attack and control some area of town/all of town. With no real intention of claiming ground or establishing a kingdom, his attack was simply to test the capabilities of his zombies against a worthy opponent: The Hozz Brothers (including himself). If written correctly this plot line could occur during the development of the comic where the mood is still lighter and the atmosphere is goofy, liken to the zombie attack in Com-e-dit-y. Later on when all the events are re-examined when the comic has taken on a more serious tone, one would realize that many people died in the zombie attack and there was serious and lasting collateral damage. I think this would be an interesting approach, but if done improperly would almost communicate that we changed our minds mid-writing as to the development of the comic. At some point this description should also be moved to the zombie attack page instead of here.

A few lingering shots of death and destruction in the middle of the light-hearted zombiness should lend a proper sinister hint to the reprecussions to follow.


With the opening of twin world, Zack's powers are more fully realized. It is here in twin world in his new underground apothecary that he finally uncovers the secrets to turning himself into a living undead. So masterful is his conversion that there is no visible change except that he has gone cold and his heart no longer beats in his chest. Zack, now empowered with control of animation seeks new power: the power to create life. Legends say that the Lindora were created by the skill of Zarth and the magics of Fay. But this angered Tanodai as he had not yet created the heart of water and the life that was within them was unnatural and corrupt. Now the Lindora, created without water, seek blood and magic as their sustenance. Zack seeks to unlock the secrets of creating Lindora and thus prepares to venture to the center of the garden of life where the original workshop is still nested safe within the moving maelstrom of death. Somewhere along these lines the truth about Zack gets out and Hugh begins to hunt his once brother. Since the Lindora only feed on living the undead army and Zack himself hold no appeal and are ignored by the Lindora. This makes the Garden of life the perfect castle for Zack, nestled within a natural fortress where no living creature can reach him. Zack begins to work with the mechanisms seeking to recreate the craft of the first masters. Zack, discontent with his current level of capabilities, simultaneously begins plans to capture the heart of water and corrupt it, thereby gripping all of Twin World.

The end

Attempts to corrupt the Heart of Water. Stopped by Hugh who kills him and throws his body into the Heart of Water.

Zack leads his army of undead and Lindora to the Heart of Water. He has captured, killed, and re-animated several dragons, and with them he flies to the heart of water itself, while his army holds off any Fay and Zarth opponents. Unfortunately for him, the water of the Heart acts like holy water, and burns his undead flesh. Stalling for time, Zack spreads out his army in an attempt to control the whole area while he studies the Heart and how to corrupt it. While he is doing so, Hugh arrives with Zack's philactery (which he easily located by it's aura of evil). Zack promises him that "I will have the Heart, and you can't stop me!" Hugh responds, "You can have the heart, if I can have yours." Powered by the philactery, Hugh leaps from undead dragon to undead dragon, pulverizing each as he goes. He carries with him two gauntlets of Adamant, which he uses to bludgeon his enemies. Hugh lands on Zack's dragon, and crushes the philactery, returning Zack to life, just before he plunges his gauntleted fist into Zack's chest and tears out his heart. The undead dragon freezes in place and begins to spiral to the ground. With a final kick Hugh sends Zack's body plunging into the Heart of Water to be destroyed (as he thinks). When the dragon crashes Hugh leaps off his back and declares the the astonished onlookers, "He was right, I couldn't stop him from reaching the Heart of Water after all."


Zack looks out of the Heart of Water, across his remaining ghouls, and to the burning eyes of Hugh. As Hugh attacks the remaining abominations (Zack's most powerful creations), Zack begins to see the juxtaposition between Hugh's awesomeness and his own abominations, the Lindora in the background (unnatural life) and the plant life springing up under the influences of the heart of water all around him. Zack's wounds begin to bleed as the last of his humanity returns to him, coloring the water around him pink.

The spirit of Tanodia speaks with him, exchanging his power to control others with a power to heal others. His heart is gone, but in the gaping hole where it once was Tanodia places a heart of water of his own. Bursting from the surface of the Heart of Water, Zack falls with the rain to the surface below and begins pouring the healing water from his own tiny heart onto the wounded from the battle which he caused.