Heart of Water

From House of Hozz

The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

The heart of water is the source of all water in TwinWorld. From the axis, it flows out to the edges of the world, where the Adamant and the Outer fire meet.

Nature of the Heart of Water

The Heart of water beats with a regular rythym. As it expands, the water remains in a sphere, suspended in place, and moving along with the heart. On contraction the orb of water falls, and the heart begins to expand again. The faster the beats, the smaller the orb of water shed with each pulse. At times the heart will beat several miles wide, and at several minutes per beat. Other times it releases a steady stream at many beats per second, but only the size of droplets.

According to the histories the Heart of Water is guided by Tanodia Himself.

Location of the Heart of Water

The Heart of Water tends to remain near the central axis of TwinWorld. The height, however, varries greatly. Sometimes it beats deep beneath the earth, sometimes high in the sky, sometimes in a lake, or inside a solid cloud. Wherever it is, the whole region downslope from it will soon be swimming in water.

Story ideas

  • At some point, Zack could try to corrupt the Heart. Through it he could gain control over all living things.