Fay Short 01

From House of Hozz

Started on 4/22/11 by Ziggy

The Story

The fire was clouded as Tiraphiel received her guests. The barest tremor ran up the trunk of her tree, not even disturbing the hanging cups.

"It seems like we may have another shift this evening." remarked Shushen, seating herself. Her house lay closest to the Turmoil, and she was an expert on the shifts. Still, she need not have remarked on it. And she need not have sat so very close to their host.

"Indeed, we could use some breaking up." said Mostuten. She had been seated for a while and enjoying some very intimate conversation with Tiraphiel before the other guests had arrived. "It might slough off some of the less refined of our neighbors." She seemed to regard this as the only way to look at it.

Standing uncomfortably, but smiling, Duustel said "Oh please, let's not talk of breaking up." Her voice had just the right hesitancy. As of an old friend who hated to see quarrels start. "We have only just begun to get to know each other."

"Yes, quite." said Tiraphiel, but her posture did not quite match her words. "Please do sit down Duustel. We are all longing to hear how your child is coming along."

Duustel's grin broadened and she plopped down exitedly, "Oh, the infant is doing quite well. He gazes at me, and indeed at everything, with the most exquisite amazement. It is really too sweet for words. One must forget the offensive smell to look at that amazed face. It's really, well, quite amazing!"

"We were just saying how happy we all are," put in Mostuten "to know that you have a little human of your own. Weren't we, Tiraphiel dear?"

"Oh yes, quite happy." and here Tiraphiel summoned a most convincing expression of happiness.

Shushen, through all of this, was growing more and more put out. It was hard to put into words, but one felt quite antagonized by this kind of thing. There was nothing so especial that the others needed to go on about. She, herself, had never gotten a child, but it couldn't be that hard. And besides, there were important matters to discuss.

"It is very nice that Duustel has got a little one; Even gratifying," she began.

"Haven't you been looking for a baby Shushen?" said Duustel. This was almost too much.

"No, I most certainly have not!" and then, in a just slightly calmer tone, "There are important goings on at Great Tree. I've no time for such... trivialities, satisfying though they may be."

"Have you heard any news?" said Triaphiel.

"There has been no decision, of course, and will be none for a while now."

"But have you heard anything?"

"Well, nothing substantial. Surely a sylph like me would not be privy to the thoughts of, say, Giridrin or Pelitania or even Montustial." and here she let a little giggle escape. "I wouldn't know about that sort of thing."

"You have heard something!" squealed Duustel. "Oh you simply must tell us!"

"Yes, do Shushen."

"We all know how well connected you are."

"Welllll..." and here Shushen arose very slowly, and very slowly walked around the room. It had grown very still in the little bower. The fire had come out from behind the cloud and a sort of solemn and stifling secrecy had descended on the little group. Shushen walked full round the room twice more, and Triaphiel let out a little moan of excitement.

Then, seating herself even slower than before, Shushen continued, "There has been some murmuring."

At this the whole room ignited into a flurry of wings and giggles and the most irrepressible gossip.


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Ziggy's analysis

I wrote this story as an exercise in Fay psychology. We had played with a "Jane Austin"esque concept for Fayrie culture, so that's what I started with. It kind of just wrote itself from there.