From House of Hozz

Energines are like power plants. They are created by Mechanomancers to harvest energy from various sources for Zarth purposes. They also convert energy from one form to another (thermal, gravitational, mechanical). Often, energines store their output in batteries to allow transportation and accumulation.

Power Sources

Adamant creep

The adamant moves rather quickly in the depths. Large wheels can push against the adamant and harvest mechanical energy directly.


The air screams through the caverns of Zarthaanc. Windmills and wind-wheels are much smaller and more portable than adamant creep engines. They are also more fragile and unreliable, as the tunnels may shift or flying debris can smash the harvesting vanes.

Gravitational Torsion

In certain areas, gravitational torsion can be strong enough to overcome friction. A large heavy wheel oriented in the correct direction is all that is needed to harvest this source of power. This is the most reliable energine, although they must be very large to be effective.

Beasts of Burden

Tamed beasts, or even Zarth, can drive machines manually of course.


Enchantments of various kinds can power energines. This allows one spell to perform a variety of tasks, or be more flexible in the absence of a caster.


Friction Forge

An easy way to convert energy into heat, a spinning rod rubs against a stationary surface, creating heat. The contact zone can be within molten material for efficient heat transfer.


A simple transport vehichle, this many-legged engine requires a mechanomancer to properly articulate, but can be driven by a variety of levers in an emergency.

Machine Tools

Any kind of powered machinery equivalent. Drills, saws, grinders, lathes, etc.

Energine Armor

A mech suit basically. Probably requires a mechanomancer to pilot it.