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An interesting point of interest: Are there any negative effects of the Hozz brother's Fay heritage? Specifically, aversion/weakness to metal? Luke and I were discussing this, and there doesn't appear to be any inherant disadvantage imparted by the Fay. That's not bad persay, but it just seems "unbalanced". Ziggy 21:09, 13 August 2008 (UTC)

do the Hozz brothers have friends? Do they have a last name?

Nature of the brothers

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Does it make sense to everyone that the HOZZ brothers are half Fay, and thus have their strange powers (whatever those powers may end up being)?

random details

Added a few more details. Ziggy, and Hugh are now twins. Only Oswald was born on Earth after their parents escaped into hiding (which is why he is stranger than the other brothers). Also added a page for Llieah, their mother.

Kicking around an interesting idea. What if the HOZZ brothers have an older sister who was taken from their parents, and is still in Fayrie land? After she pressed into the service of the Fairy Queen their father decided to keep all their other children a secret. This could lead to some interesting possibilities to explore. All out rescue, the willing prisoner dilema, loyalty to family vs nation, etc...

what about half brothers and sisters? Durand has probably been around for a while. Maybe he's had some previous wives, but since he is awesome, he out lived them or something.

Hey, that's a good idea, Durand has probably lived for a long time already. Really though, the Hozz brothers are the ones who are "half", they could be looked down on by their full fay siblings, perhaps as "unimaginitive" or "partially developed". If Durand used (or still uses) his powers for crazy, there could be a lot of these relations. Faierie is a big place.