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Brooze is an alchoholic beverage. The name is a triple pun on the words "booze" and "bruise" and "brews"

It comes in a black bottle, and is dark blue, with black swirls, kind of like oil and water mixed together. Very nasty stuff. Perhaps one of the brothers brews it? Or you get it by bringing Zarth alcohol back to Earth.

The word can be pronounced (in text) "brews" or "bruise" but the name on the bottle is "brooze"


Although it is alcoholic, Brooze has some other effects.

  • In small quantities it stimulates muscle growth.
  • Overconsumption, in addition to drunkenness, gives you just one black eye, as well as random bruising all over your body.
  • Magically seizes up machinery and electronics.
  • Dyes cloth a purplish black. Occasionally green, orange, or sickly yellow.
  • Attracts and kills insects. Usually will have at least a few dead bugs in it if left out.

Story ideas

  • Hugh Should drink this stuff after he goes on a killing spree. The brothers take it as a bad sign.
  • Alcohol brought back from TwinWorld could change into Brooze.
  • The name opens up all sorts of opportunities for thins like "I gave him a brooze" or "That will leave a brooze".