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The lair of The Dragon villain. It lies at the base of the old Great Tree and houses a vast hoard of treasure the Dragon has amassed over the millennia. The dragon's hoard predates the current Great Tree, and contains various artifacts from the age(s) before, some of which he believes the Zarth forged in the heat of Incaoolin himself.


There are various entrances, but all are magically sealed against any living creature passing without "giving up its life", which kills any TwinWorld native (all TwinWorld life forms display monolithic vitality, that is, their life can not be seperated from themselves without killing them?). This enchantment is broken by human bloodletting, as humans can release only part of their "life" through their blood.


There are four main entrances, Forest, Ruins, Shrine, and Depths.

Forest Entrance

An upward sloping passage leads out to the surface of TwinWorld in a thick glade near the base of the Great Tree. The entrance is similar to many other tunnels that lead down to the trees roots. The only difference is that this one is warded with a lethal enchantment. Near inside the entrance a drift of life dust has accumulated from the many victims of the ward. Outside the ground is dry and springy, and a breeze wafts up the trunks of the trees. The roots here run deep, and few sounds penetrate the foliage above.

Ruins Entrance

Deep in the ruins of RootBerth, a narrowing passageway crowded with Zarth corpses extends into the un-lit murk. Here the excavation to reach the base of the GreatTree met a sudden end when the dragon's ward broke through the thinning stone. The enchantment killed not only the diggers, but the whole populace of RootBerth. Up to that time there were several expeditions determined to reach the base of the Great Tree, seeking the original home of the Zarth and the lore that would undoubtadly be stored there. After the RootBerth disaster, all attempts were abandoned. The dragon quickly placed a ward stop in the tunnel, and the ruins of RootBerth are now quite safe. Most people still avoid it though.

Shrine Entrance

A shrine to the dragon?

Depths Entrance

An opening deep in Zarthaanc?