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Comic Format

I'm working with Druu on a super awesome comic system that will do everything I want. Prototype soon (I hope). Basically, the system I have in mind will allow us to post comics out of order. So, we could put up some Twin World images, and then later go back and put some lead up or history "before" that in the timeline. So we can keep adding "before Twin World" stuff even late in the comic development. This should free us up a lot to keep adding whatever kind of stories and panels that we want. We can put "goofy" stuff in the "goofy" sections of the story, without throwing off the overall story (since posting order is not viewing order).

It will also let us elaborate on any event. So, for example, we could have a single "battle" image, and then later add a bunch of panels "inside" that battle to show exactly what happened.

The third feature is the ability to traverse multiple different timelines. For example, each main character will have his own sequence of events. We can also design multiple "story" paths through the events. So, the reader can follow whichever thread seems the most interesting at the moment, skipping forward and backward in time to explore the connections and flow of the world as a whole.

If done right, it should allow us to revolutionize webcomics, which, up until now, have been:

  • "produced" in the same order as they are supposed to be "read"
  • following a single storyline, or following none at all

which is quite silly when you think about it. Ziggy 01:22, 1 March 2013 (CST)

Here's the current "test" site. I'ts got all the current comics, plus some more stuff:

Layout of Website

I think it would be really fun to have multiple skins, or appearances for the website. One skin for the "normal" world, plus a "Zarth" skin, and a "Faiery" skin. We could work the below ideas into another skin, the "characters" skin, where each major character has a themed section of the website.

Character options for general layout.

  • Hugh: the graphic novel
  • Oswald: fan interaction
  • Zack: store
  • Ziggy: blog

An old paper I found: Ziggy

  • Hugh - Comic, Story arc
  • Oswald - Competitions, puns, randum stuff, audio, podcasts
  • Zack - Awesome stuff, social anecdotes, zombie stories, response letters
  • Ziggy - Text, more stories, real stuff, reviews, blog/rant

The idea of having interaction with readers (even if we don't have very many) is great. Stuff like answering questions about world lore, or doing pun contests, or featuring fan art.