Disgusted Face

From House of Hozz

In these silent comics we explore the possibilities of the disgusted face.

Instance One

Panel 1: Zack is walking down sidewalk. Two pretty girls are walking towards him. They are laughing.

Panel 2: Girls both look disgusted. Zack looks surprised. (May need to use diagonal half panels to show sudden change from laughing to disgusted)

Panel 3: Girls are walking past, their heads and eyes still on Zack, still disgusted. Zack is looking at himself.

Panel 4: Zack is confused and sad.

Instance Two

Panel 1: Hugh is reading. Zack runs up excitedly

Panel 2: Zack is pointing off panel. He uses his fingers to show walking.

Panel 3: Zack is making the disgusted face. He points to his face. Hugh looks surprised and intrigued.

Panel 4: Zack is pointing to himself excitedly. Hugh is grinning evilly.

Instance Three

Panel 1: Hugh and Zack are walking down the sidewalk laughing. And attractive girl is walking towards them.

Panel 2: Hugh and Zack both look disgusted at girl. Girl is confused.

Panel 3: Hugh and Zack continue past, still looking disgustedly at girl. Girl still confused and disturbed.

Panel 4: Girl stands alone, shocked.

Instance Four

Hugh practices disgusted face in mirror for two panels. Mirror cracks.

Instance Five

Hugh kills a small animal with disgusted face?

Instance Six

Panel 1: Zack gets pulled over, you can see the police car lights in the rear view window.

Panel 2: Zack uses the disgusted face on the cop, the cop is stone-faced, and wearing aviator glasses.

Panel 3: Zack is staring at the ticket in his hands with a sad/quizzical look on his face.

Panel 4: Zack uses the disgusted face at the ticket.

Instance Seven

panel 1: Zack working in the dungeon with zombie next to him

panel 2: Zack looks at zombie and makes disgusted face

panel 3: He goes back to work, zombie makes disgusted face at Zack's work

panel 4: work bursts into flames, zack freaks out

  • Alternate

panel 1: Zack working in the dungeon with zombie next to him

panel 2: Zack looks at zombie, zombie makes disgusted face at Zack

panel 3: He goes back to work

panel 4: Zack looks back at the zombie, is startled

Breaking the fourth wall

After we have run instance 4, we could break the fourth wall!


I think this would be an excellent series to start the comic with. Simple plot. Gag strips. No dialog. Short continuity.