Covert zombie operations

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Covert zombie operations

oporation lady friend

Panel 1: a zombie shambling along with a large brown envelope and a ribbon tied to his arm

Panel 2: withdrawn view, showing dark night time and the zombie in a neighborhood as it shambles over a fence into someone’s backyard

Panel 3: 2 large dogs snarl as the zombie stands up

Panel 4: Zack and Oswald are walking to school as a someone runs up from behind him.

Panel 5: girl gives Zack a hug/kiss on the cheek

Panel 6: word bubble with pictures show a smiley face over Zack and a pile of bones with a ribbon around them and a brown envelope over the girl.


Cool idea of a zombie delivery man. I like the image of a zombie falling over a fence, holding an envelope. I don't really understand the point though. Is the zombie the present? What is with the paper envelope? Why does Zack's lady friend like zombies? Ziggy

the dogs eat the zombie... it doesnt matter what the envolope is, some kind of message or gift--Zack 22:07, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

operation birthday

panel 1: zombies shambling

panel 2: view shows zombies in the dungeon of the house in front of a door

panel 3: 1 zombie sitting on a table as the group surrounds it

panel 4: zombie on table sits up with question mark over its head

panel 5: one of the zombies places a cake with a single candle on top of the table zombie's head

panel 6: zombie on table is sitting alone in the dark room illuminated only by the light of the candle from the cake on his head and holding a balloon. Still with a question mark over his head.--Zack 19:52, 9 February 2009 (UTC)


Haha! Zombies don't really know what makes birthday celebrations special. They can get all the parts together, but it doesn't make sense. Poingnant. Ziggy

More ideas

there could be all kinds of silent comics using the zombies and only picture word bubbles, since the zombies wouldnt ever really talk i in the first place, perhaps there could be some shamble noises and zombie grunts but for the most part you could do a lot of comics with the cover zombie force. also they should all start with the same panel ( a close up of 1 or more zombies shambling). that way it conditions the reader to be excited for a zombie comic from only viewing the first panel--Zack 19:52, 9 February 2009 (UTC)