Circling the trunk

From House of Hozz

Where are those cursed bugs? I know I saw one on this branch just a second ago. Fourteen strokes; Wasted energy if I don't find it. Sun is coming up, perfect timing.

The others are singing, a reminder that there are other hunters about. Hmm, maybe around the other side. Three strokes and I circle the trunk. Nothing. Perhaps I should check in the grass. It's always so cold at night. Have to warm up. Have to keep moving.

Found one! Smash the hard shell with my beak, just so it stops moving. Swallow it down, good to have something to eat. Where do bugs come from I wonder. Thank God they're everywhere. Perhaps there's a place where all the bugs come from, and I could go there and eat bugs all day long. Mmmmmm. Only a moment to contemplate, too much work to do!

Oooh! Something made a noise! Looks like a walker. Stupid walker, walking around, eating the plants that the bugs sit on. Five strokes up to a branch, don't want to look away in case the walker springs. Can't be too careful. Take a few hops, see if it will go away. Keeps coming, doesn't even notice me. Stupid walker. Spend the five strokes, make sure the walker didn't follow me. They're tricky sometimes! Listen to the songs for a while, add my own.

Time to search out the dark places. Grubs like dark places. Sun's coming up, but the day bugs aren't out yet. Grubs are a good chance. Ooh! There's a bug on that branch!


Ziggy's analysis

Reading this again it makes sense, but isn't particularly insightful. It feels way to anthropomorphic. I suppose birds might think thoughts like this, but it doesn't feel like a bird talking. Ziggy 23:17, 21 April 2011 (UTC)