Brothers Profiles 01

From House of Hozz

Four short characteristic stories about the four brothers.


Oswald: Sees a little too clearly. Discontent and lazy. Learns to work hard and enjoy what he has.

Oswald walks among the Fey Marketplace, stunned and sad. “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this! Too bad I’m flat broke.” “Well then sir, all you need do is give me your firstborn.” “Maybe if I gave you this pocket lint?” “Only if it’s your firstborn pocket lint.” Oswald thinks hard for a minute. “you know what, I can go without, thanks.” Oswald continues walking though the marketplace, but now he is smiling.


Zack: Master of his (and others) body, disciplined. Doesn’t understand good and evil. Learns to be good.

It is early morning. Zack is walking his dog, with a big sack over his shoulder. He gets home and goes down to the basement with his dog. Dumping out the sack on the table, it turns out to be a human corpse! He tries to raise the corpse, but it doesn’t work. He tries over and over. Finally using “speak to dead” he discovers that the corpse doesn’t want to be raised. Zack gets an idea. He puts his dog on a leash and jogs out to the graveyard. There he picks up the flowers from the grave that has been recently exhumed. This doesn’t help. Then he sings the corpse a ballad. Nothing. Cooks the corpse some delicious steak. Nope. Finally Zack Looks through his tomes and discovers a life transferal spell. He glances slyly at his dog. Zack drives to the pound and buys a big dumb dog. Then, in the basement with his own dog watching on, he straps the new dog to the sacrificial alter and uses its lifeforce to raise the zombie against its will. The zombie asks him “Why have you done this? I didn’t want to come back at all.” Zack thinks a moment, and says, “You’re already as good as dead. What do you matter?” In the last panel, the zombie is walking the dog, who looks worried.


Hugh: Destroyer of Evil. Has no compassion. Learns to redeem as well as destroy.

Hugh is waiting for the train. Time slows down and he senses evil. He looks around in confusion, seeking the source of the evil. Finding a hobo sitting on a bench he sits down next to him. He drops a few coins in the hobo’s cup, “Hey, get out of here.” He says. “Or else.” The hobo looks up and sneers. “This is my bench. Find your own.” “Fine by me” says Hugh. Lightning fast, he twists his body one way, and his torso the other. Using both hands in front and back he crushes the hobo’s chest, and then digs in his fingers and pulls the ribs back into shape. Resuming his previous position, he pulls the hobo’s hood down over his face. It all took barely a fraction of a second. Several patrons look over at the loud “Snap” which issues from the bench, but both figures are sitting quite still. “All this Evil, making me wait.” Mumbles Hugh under his breath. Just then, the train pulls in, and Hugh’s eyes narrow. “hmm” he sighs, and glances at the slumping hobo. Looking down in his lap, he sighs again. “Sorry about that, bub.” He says as he gets up. The hobo’s cup is empty.


Ziggy: Smart and hard-working. Proud and afraid of failure. Learns to be humble and rely on others.

Ziggy has a dead houseplant. It’s on the windowsill of a messy room. On finding it, he expresses sadness. He buys a new one, but his roommate keeps the shades closed all day playing computer games. The new plant begins to wither. Ziggy waters it and fertilizes it, but the plant keeps doing poorly. Ziggy gets in a fight with his roommate over the window. His roommate buys him a new plant, one that does well in “full shade”. Ziggy is sitting in his room looking at the two plants. He cleans up his room and puts everything in order. Then he turns his rommate’s computer around, so it’s facing the wall, and opens the shades. He puts the new plant on his roommate’s desk and then stands at the window, looking out into the back-yard. The scene closes with Ziggy walking out into the back yard with his sickly potted plant.


Ziggy's analysis

I'm trying to get a good handle on the core character of the four brothers. Ziggy 09:33, 23 April 2012 (CDT)