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Toad's Thoughts and Assumptions

Basic Interaction

My understanding is that Earth is the fundamentally mundane locale to which we (and thusly the reader) are accustomed. "Magic" and the paranormal are generally explained away by science or technology. TwinWorld, on the other hand is fundamentally magical, and our concepts of technology (a machine that is driven by another machine that is ultimately driven by the conversion of a fuel material into heat) have little application. Even their "machines" are ultimately run by a force that we would consider to be paranormal (be it an elemental force, or actual "Faerie Magick"). As such, both worlds hold some mystery for the other.


A large basis for Earth's mythology in the real world are actual and generally inexplicable events in our planet's distant past. Be they greatly exaggerated stories, or losely hyberbolic relations of actual supernatural events, most of our mythology has its roots in these ancient stories.

In a cosmology that allows for interaction between Earth and TwinWorld, and where the expectation seems to be that this has happened before, it seems like Earth would have a lot of mythology based on human interaction with the Faerie (and possibly Zarth; I think they would tend to be related as demons, which are less popular in myth) in the distant, and perhaps not-so-distant, past. With that in mind, have there been any significant interactions (of either variety) that would give rise to particularly prevalent myths? Has there ever been a Human-Faerie war? Did the Zarth attempt subjugate humanity in the distant past, only to be driven back by the combined forces of the Faerie and the ancient humans? I realize that I am over-typifying the Zarth and Faerie into Evil and Good types, but this is mainly for the sake of example. Do humans generally believe Faerie abductions to be the work of Faeries? Is this prevalent enough to put official effort into repelling Faerie abductions, or is this generally rare enough to fall into the same category (or be mistaken for) "alien abductions"?