Pool Trampoline

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Pool Trampoline
Where ???
When ???
Who Oswald, Ziggy
Summary Panel 1: Ziggy "Bored" Oswald "Yep" Ziggy "Idea: board game"" Oswald "Rebuttal: computer game"

Panel 2: Ziggy "Alternative: trampoline" Oswald "Addendum: swimming" Ziggy "Compromise: swimming and board game?" Oswald "Computer trampoline...game"

Panel 3: Ziggy and Oswald together "Swimming...and...trampoline!"

Panel 4: Swimming + Trampoline

Um, where is this swimming pool and trampoline going to be? It doesn't fit at their old appartment, unless the appartment complex has a swimming pool (which it could). But then the complex probably won't have a trampoline. I definately want to put this in, but where does it fit in the story world? Ziggy 00:42, 29 January 2011 (UTC)