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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

In which Zack gains his zombie powers, and Hugh rubs out a mark by proxy.


Hugh finds out that a girl in town is actually the queen of the undead. Zack wants to learn how to drive. Hugh takes Zack out and somehow gets him to run over the zombie queen.


  • when Zack kill the little girl does Hugh console, explain, or "toughen" Zack?
If we wanted to go for shock, Hugh could throw a line like "well, my work here is done", get out of the car, and walk away.Ziggy
  • how and why does Zack get the powers as opposed to Hugh?

Where a street
When unknown
Who Zack, Hugh, Queen of the undead
Summary As Zack swerves to avoid the lemon aid stand, Hugh pulls the emergency break and puts the car into a slide; the car then crashes into the zombie queen.

Other ideas

Could the Zombie actually be the queen of the undead? Perhaps Zack feels compelled to raise her using his new zombie powers, and this could have been the reason that she imbued her dust with that compulsion, so she could return to life, or at least undeath.

Need a link to Fay, or some other world? Maybe the Queen of the Undead is from some other paralell universe? And her powers are transformed to "undead powers" in earth, and "control" powers in Twinworld.