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A massive labyrinthine Zarth city and center of one of the largest Zarth empires, the Regiments. The city is also home to to some of the greatest clockwork artisans and mechanomancers.

Anglestruct is composed of several hundred huge stone slabs and fragments claimed from Turmoil, carefully bound together and walled in from below to protect it from the battering of the stone and air, Anglestruct serves as an often-time capitol (though Regiments have no official capitol). Among the stone warrens are massive contraptions and energines. Some large chambers have been hollowed out to form storage rooms or meeting chambers, as well as auditoriums and arenas.

Occasionaly, excavation will weaken a section enough to cause a collapse. When this occurs, often several other collapses or shifts occur, usually resulting in a chain-reaction of widespread destruction. Also, Turmoil will sometimes break through the outer layers and carry off a section of greater Anglestruct, although it is rare this reaches Anglestruct proper.

The Anglestruct Preservation Guild is tasked with ensuring that Anglestruct (proper) is maintained in a "suitable position and condition". As the city infrequently rides on the shifting Turmoil, this position may alter significantly. It is the task of the APG to both determine and execute operations which will keep Anglestruct from both being carried off in the folds, and being destroyed by Turmoil. As such, the maintenance of the Barrier is also their responsibility. The APG collects a tax from all structures inside Anglestruct to support their operations. The tension between the tax and the Turmoil means that the boundary of Anglestruct is always shifting. The APG are not above actively tearing down the Barrier, if it means demonstrating the reason for the taxes to those who refuse to pay.