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I thought it would be a good idea to start listing our terms... mainly because I'm getting confused.

Changeling N. When someone is stolen by the Fayrie, the fake person left in his place is refered to as a changeling. Often this is a Fayrie child, which grows sick and dies soon afterwords.
Fay Adj. Having properties of, or pertaining to, the Fayrie or Faierie
Faierie the land of the Fayrie
Fayrie N. The race of otherworldly creatures from Faierie

Node An Event mapped on the plot line chart.
Page A group of pictures with dialog that is released for the public.
Event N. A specific occurrence with specific characters, location, and time.
Scene A group of closely related events, usually all occuring in the same location.
Story A series of events and scenes, usually focused on a few main characters, and with a definite beginning and end.
Stroy –V Archaic. To destroy.