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The chronological main plot of Seedburst. This is not the dramatic presentation, but rather a structural overview to help keep the events straight.

Summary: The development and dilemmas of a cyborg species.


(Found in the novel Free Radical )

Hacker becomes a cyborg, travels briefly to space, and mind-merges with a female AI. Her space-station body is destroyed in the process, and Hacker returns to Earth. The public begins to fear AIs.


Hacker and the cyborgs become the Illuminati as the public's paranoia over AI grows. Finding themselves outcasts, the Illuminati community nucleates around a shared virtual reality.


Paranoia incarnates as Malgnosis, a virus which poisons the internet in order to make it inhospitable to AIs. A few of the Illuminati escape to space as the Outbourne.


The Outbourne raid Earth to develop their infrastructure. Malgnosis clings to them, and the Outbourne are divided, resulting in the Planters, Hunters, etc, collectively Highborn.


The solar war, in which the Highborn spread over the solar system, fight via simulation with eachother, and in reality against Malgnosis. The victor is Entity, the cyborg AI alliance/meld race/individual. Entity constructs Aegis around Earth to prevent the spread of Malgnosis.


Entity launches Seed, an interstellar vessel. Seed encounters several alien races, all of whom have failed to attain technological mastery. Seed learns what it can, but despairs of ever finding an equal with which to share the cosmos.


Seed merges with a proto-machine planet, forming Ring, which begins working its way back to Earth, putting out the stars as it goes. Entity and Ring unite and begin propagating across the galaxy.