Outer Fire

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The info here is in a state of flux, everything can be changed!

The idea of the Outer Fire is that, instead of outer space, Faierie is surrounded by a void of fire. It need not be exceedingly hot (or Faierie would burn up), and fluctuates in temperature. Its color could change as well, or have lumps of hot and cold fire which emulate the sun and moon. The major difference is that the fire consumes anything which journeys too far away from Faierie, reducing it to Fay dust, which floats back down. Perhaps it is very hot, but radiation functions differently in Faierie than on earth.

If things become more permanent when they get to the center of the earth, then they should become more temporary and Malleable as they get near the Outer Fire. Fayrie craftsmen would live as near as possible to the Outer Fire, but then travel to the core to "quench" their creations.

crazy fire birds

occasionally powerful fay descend and ravage the upper layers of Faierie. These creatures are iconic of the Outer Fire: A creature of pure fire and magic, with no definite shape. These fay are only stopped by the fact they they burn out within a few minutes.

Yes! Very cool idea! This would really be a form of the classic "fire elemental". Do we want to include elementals in Faierie as a distinct concept, or are there merely more or less exotic forms of Fay?
exotic, if not legendary forms of fay. Down by the Adamant are huge beings of stone... but they are slow and they just don't care if your there. the true inverse of the fire elementals which are ultra fast, and love or hate everything! ooo! that would make like a huge everlasting war in the outer fire between the elementals themselves, so its super dangerous because of all the colateral damage.

Random questions

Flying/floating artisan cities?

Yes, I approve Ziggy 18:00, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Can Adamant only be formed in the outer fire?

Can flames from the outer fire be solidified by drawing them down (channeling somehow?) to Adamant?

Could the Pure Flame be harnessed somehow? As a weapon, source of energy, or entertainment?