Intro To First Degree Burns

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Intro To First Degree Burns
Where The University
When unkown
Who Oswald, Brocc,
Summary Panel 1: Professor "Alright everyone, now that we're through the two weeks of welding safety, you should all know how to not blow yourselves up... immediately. So with that we're going to split you into two groups for the first 6 weeks, arc welders and gas welders. Lets go!" Brocc can be seen texting on his phone.

Panel 2: Oswald is standing with his welding gear on, holding a torch and a striker. Brocc is in the background welding. There are sparks falling into his rolled up pant-legs, which are beginning to smoke.

Panel 3: Panel 3 is three subsets where he you see hands adjusting the necessary valves and Oswald clicking the striker.

Panel 4: Oswald holds a torch. It streams out fire to eliminate his gleeful, enchanted, and scheming face. Because of the contrasted black background, you can't see anything behind him.

Panel 5: Oswald's position doesn't change. But he face drops to worry, as in the back, Brocc yells "AAAAAAUUGGHHH! I'M ON FIRE!" At this point Brocc's pants are now aflame around the bottom.

We should build it so that way panel 2 and 3 are small. And preferably panel 4 and 5 have really different moods. This might be a good one to work on. Given everything that we'd have to do to get the lighting and expressions right. Oswald 01:31, 5 February 2009 (UTC)

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